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Login with your mobile phone number on the Korix App and use your mobile money account to buy NFTs in Francophone Africa.

Using our secured custodial wallet, you can manage your NFTs straight from the platform.

Mobile Optimised

Login using your Mobile number.

Web Based

Fast and light web app, accessible from any device

Custodial Wallet

Built for mass adoption

Let’s Digitize Your

Creative Ideas

On a mission to unlock and scale the creative potential in francophone Africa, Korix is growing with the ultimate objective to build a Web3 based equitable, rewarding and scalable culture ecosystem.

Up For Sale

Available Collections

Built for creatives.

To drive adoption around the concept, and test drive the platform, we are first going live with internal collections.

Once market fit is established, Korix will be available for creatives to publish their own collections in a Phase 2 launch !


Internal Collections

Korix is launching with 2 internal collections:

The Korix Badge & MansaOrigins

Proprietary Collections



Featured Collections

Internal Collection

The Korix Badge

In partnership with local artists, Korix is building a collection of badges that will give buyers the privilege to enjoy real Life advantages, such as VIP access, Free Goodies, etc…





Our Approach

To drive adoption, we’re putting every effort into making the technology transparent, removing the maximum of technical concepts and focusing on the use-cases.

Phase 1

Buy a badge, enjoy advantages

Phase 2

Sell art, get royalties

Phase 3

Explore NFTs beyond ART

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